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Maintenance of KTV equipment system

No matter how high-quality KTV audio equipment is, it must be debugged in place to play a greater role. Maintaining stability, especially the long-term continuous and stable work of the terminal speaker system, is a major event involving the interests and operations of KTV.
First of all, KTV audio equipment is different from any other audio use occasions. This is mainly because KTV does not have special personnel to operate the system, so to a certain extent, even a good brand may not always work in a better state. Therefore, it will also lead to the situation that there are no speakers that cannot be burned. Basically, it is believed that the power of the power amplifier is 2-3 times greater than that of the load, which is necessary for a system operated by professionals. However, to configure the power of the KTV system in this way is equivalent to laying a mine. Of course, the waiter can isolate the output of the power amplifier at a constant, but in fact, for those who sing loudly, the setting of this constant cannot satisfy their desire to shout at all.
It is recommended that the power of the power amplifier be greater than 1.5 times the load (a single output 120W rated power amplifier with a 100W rated GAEpro speaker (40 private rooms in total), 4 years without a bass, treble (diameter 45 titanium film) ) 4 broken. Of course, if you do not “rework” the speaker unit, it will not be as efficient as that.
The voice coil of the speaker is in a suspended state, which means that there is basically no medium for conducting heat except for the slight contact between the centering support and the basin frame. Therefore, how to keep the voice coil in contact with the central magnetic column so as to maximize the volatilization of heat is the key to making the speaker run stably in a full compliance state.
At present, there is a method of adding ferrofluid to the treble magnetic seam to establish the contact between the voice coil and the central magnetic column, but in the field of professional audio, in order to maintain high sensitivity, this is often not done. The woofer (moving coil) currently does not have any means to establish a medium between the voice coil and the magnetic column. So at this time we need to change our attitude to solve the problem. That is to be easy with the situation, not to be bound by the box of theory.
The KTV audio equipment system is actually a kind of toy. Based on this, the first concern is how to make the system run stably, instead of using the so-called rigorous or feverish attitude. In fact, whether it is a woofer or a tweeter, there is a way to achieve rapid heat dissipation of the voice coil, and it is the most simple and everyone can do it. Through this method, not only the time of continuous music power of the speaker is greatly improved, but also the conformity characteristics of the unit are obviously improved, and the overall benefit is much greater than that of the ferrofluid.

Post time: Mar-08-2022