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Bluetooth amplifier karaoke audio digital integrated mini amplifier

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Home use bluetooth karaoke amplifier;

  • Model: SA-7000
  • Customization: Min. Order: 1000 Pieces
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    The amplifier composed of original imported paired high-power tubes has excellent instantaneous maximum output power and intermodulation distortion (I. M. D), which makes the tone reproduction effect very ideal and provides perfect auditory effects. 

    Complete protection system: The load current in the amplifier is too large or overheated. When the speaker unit is short-circuited, the built-in protection circuit is automatically activated to effectively protect the equipment and speakers.The temperature-controlled cooling fan enhances the heat dissipation of the machine and satisfies long-term work.


    24BLT digital reverberation circuit. The application of Kara 0K Dolby noise reduction makes the singing voice more rich and natural.
    Built-in Bluetooth playback module, more convenient connection.

    Output power RMS 1 KHZ
    Left and right channels ----------150W+150W 
    Frequency response---------- 20HZ-20KHZ±1DB
    Input sensitivity/impedance
    Microphone-----------------17mv/3. 3
    Music tone adjustment
    Low frequency----------100HZ±10db
    High frequency----------10KHZ±10db
    Microphone tone adjustment
    Low frequency-----------100HZ±10db
    High frequency-----------10KHZ±10db
    Output sensitivity/impedance
    Line output--------0.775V/20Kohm
    Speaker impedance -------- 4-16ohm
    Recommended speaker impedance--------8ohm
    Power supply------------ 220VAC.50HZ
    Weight------------- 6Kg



    1. Entertainment venue/Home use/Party use

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