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What is amplifier?

Karaoke equipment in addition to speakers, music equipment is very important, the quality of the amplifier itself is also very important. The function of KTV should be combined with your room size and decoration materials. Different areas of rooms should use different power amplifiers. Pay attention to the matching of power amplifier and speaker.

The power of the combined karaoke power amplifier designed in the early stage is generally small, and the supporting speakers are small power speakers with high sensitivity. The most common problem is feedback howling. The reason is that the power reserve is insufficient when the volume is high, resulting in serious signal distortion. In addition, the distortion of the high sensitivity speaker is feedback, and the distortion is magnified circularly, leading to feedback howling. In principle, the main cause of feedback howling is distortion. Reducing distortion can reduce the probability of feedback howling. However, it can’t be said that there will be no feedback howl. Only in the available gain range, when the gain is large enough, it will lead to feedback howling. That is to say, karaoke power amplifier should choose high power as far as possible. However, the higher the power of the power amplifier, the stronger the sound feeling. Through practical experience, each channel within 8 Ω 450W can be selected.

The room less than 18 square meters is basically a well-designed traditional echo effect karaoke power amplifier. However, traditional echo will cause the uncertainty of sound effect, and the effect debugging requirements of each guest may make the manager never be able to determine the effect in a unified position, which will also make DJ tired. The second reason to use the power amplifier with DSP processor is that the traditional echo effect processing chip has narrow frequency response range (less than 8kHz) and low sampling frequency, which makes it lack of details in the environment requiring high power output. The DSP’s sampling frequency of 48K and the wide frequency range of 20hz-23khz bring better sound quality and better medium and low frequency dynamics. That is why we can’t sing people, once the use of DSP power amplifier, their voice suddenly beautified, more magnetic attraction, more attractive, sound more comfortable.

The third reason for using the power amplifier with DSP processor is that DSP effect processor can store multiple effect data, and it can also bring about the really usable “reverb” effect, give consumers more k-experience, truly realize the self-service karaoke of consumers, and greatly reduce the service demand of DJ. In addition, with the automatic initialization function of VOD system, the sound effect of private rooms can also reach the beginning At the same level. To be fair, in a private room below 18 square meters, if we only evaluate the sound quality, a well-designed traditional echo effect is not inferior to that of DSP, but it appears thick and soft. DSP has a bit of digital flavor, which is not soft enough. If the LPF of DSP is adjusted to 8kHz, the comparison between the two is more obvious. The main difference is in low-frequency strength, enthusiasm and thickness.

The selection of combined karaoke power amplifier and front and rear split configuration mainly depends on the actual needs of the application room. For rooms within 18 square meters, it is recommended to choose DSP combined karaoke power amplifier of about 200W; for rooms with an area of more than 18 square meters to about 25 square meters, three channel 200 W DSP karaoke power amplifier can be selected to increase the central speaker as the mid bass human voice supplement; the private room with more than 25 square meters should be considered According to the actual shape of the room, the factors such as sound pressure level, sound field uniformity and reverberation field establishment are mainly considered. The appropriate power is selected by combining the characteristics of the speaker with the back stage power amplifier of the main speaker. The multi-channel low-power back stage power amplifier can be used to reduce the cost of the auxiliary low-power speaker.

Post time: Sep-30-2020